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Chuck This one had the people dancing all around the church with the snakes. They were also passing the snakes around while people were jumping and dancing all around even while holding the snakes and there were children involved. They were pulling out limp snakes from a drawer. The church looked way run down like a 100 year old shack. They had small interviews with a few of the people and their not what you would call smart folk (not even close to it). Maybe the one you have been to and that you have such high respects for is different, but this one was horrible. For me i don't care how knowledgable a person is I personally would never take part in something like that. Even if i was with a well trained venomus keeper there is no way i would even hold one with a hook much less take a chance in my life to freehandle one. Maybe i'm not spiritual enough but nope noway not me.
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