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Hmmm, I think I see a plan developing........overfeed them so they will grow really big, really fast then sell them for a huge profit. He's in for a rude surprise. As has been mentioned, he will be lucky to give them to a zoo much less sell them to one and in the meantime, he will have spent a large amount of money on food, light bulbs, etc. As for the boa, he shouldn't even be buying it if he's not sure what type it is. It's people like this that give the hobby a bad name. Anyway, enough ranting. Probably the best thing you could do is, if he has a computer, get him to either join this site or at least visit it and have him communicate with some of the boa and burmese owners. As you know, pretty well everyone here is very helpful and would rather educate a person than berate them. It might make a difference. Also, good for you for trying to steer him in the right direction. Good luck :-)
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