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Some people!!!

I just got done watching a show on SciFi. It was a show on strange things. The first part of the show was about a penicostal (sp) church that handles "deadly serpents" and drinks strickt nine (sp). These people all looked way messed up kinda like imbred people. (LOL) I couldn't belive what i was seeing they had old, middle aged and CHILDREN holding cottonmouths, rattle snakes and a few others, and drinking strictnine (sp). The were all dancing around like idiots with these snakes in there hand and some were even holding them up to there faces. The whole time i was in awe, I couldn't belive what i was watching. The said the reason they did this was because a script in the bible said something like The true belivers would not be hurt when drinking deadly venom and handiling venomus serpents. An older gentleman claimed he had been bitten over 113 times and only been sick from the bites a few times. How is that possible, can they be using venimoids or what. When they were dancing with these snakes i swear the snakes looked so limp like they were placed in the fridge for quite some time. Sorry for my incoherent babble but how in the world could this be possible!!!! The church was way run down in the middle of nowhere. It didn't even look like a church and as i said earlier everyone there looked way wacked out crossed eyes slurred speech all singing and dancing with these snakes and drinking stricknine why would you for any reason do this. Did anyone else see this show!!!! or was i the only one. Any opinions are great.

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