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Don't get me wrong, I am terribly happy when one of my balls decides, after a SELF-IMPOSED fast to take a f/t or even a f/k rat. I have a few that eat f/k or f/t, and I love it. However, I am not going around calling all f/t feeders idiots and morons. I understand that as a snake owner, you will do what is most comfortable for you, not always the snake. Yes, there is a fear of damage to the snake, however, not from parasites, as someone mentioned. Rodent parasites are host-specific and are of no harm to snakes. If you are a newbie, which seemd to be a popular excuse here, I could understand the mistakes taken when feeding live. If you are feeding live to watch the kill, you need help. I will feed my snakes whatever I want, I have not harmed ONE of my snakes. Yet you do not see me coming on here and chastising f/t feeders? Whatever worksd for you. My snakes have NEVER been bitten, and if you practice common sense, (which coincidentally is not all that common), you can avoid them ever being bitten. There is no need to be abrasive, condescending, and sanctamonious about your own beliefs. Nuff said. If I came across as either rude or ignorant in my couple previous posts, I apologize, there are more than enough of 'those people' here.
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