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I am new to the world of reptiles (and loving it) i have learned alot working at a pet store for two years with a wide selection of reptiles. I do not have enough knowledge to help out a friend though...One of my friends just purchased two snakes in Winnipeg, he has never had snakes before and he's not the brightest crayon in the box if you know what i mean heh. I am trying to find the simplist way to explain to him that the snakes he has are not a good idea for a starter reptile (maybe im wrong). He just got a Bernese Python and a Boa (hes not sure what exactly it is and i havent seen it yet). He has them in an 18 foot encloser that he claims he spent 2500 on the set up. He has seperated the tank...boa on one side, python on the other. He says he has seven 150w fixtures on the tank, and that he turns half on for the day and then half on for the night. He is feeding them guinea pigs (full grown) and the python is apx. 4 feet and the boa is apx 2 feet. He also thinks hes going to feed them every two days... I suggested giving them rats for now and definitly not that often. Hes not even sure how big these guys are going to get and he plans on eventually selling them to a zoo any bit of advice to help out would be great.....thanks alot guyz
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