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You are right Marisa. There is not enough bus. I live near Montreal Qc and If you live on the island of Montreal you are fine there is enough bus but if you live outside the island you are ##%%^ . And we pay a tax on our licenses plates for the public transport the closer to a big city the higher the tax so it cost me 80$ a year no matter if I take the bus or not. Somebody said we should suck it up. Well we Canadians that's what we do best. 44% tax on fuel in BC 50% in Quebec and our health care system is going down, we have a prim minister who cannot speak either French or English, Our immigration system is the worst in the world and we pay that much taxes just to finance the friend of the friend of somebody in the government. And we should suck it up. Its because people say, we should suck it up that we have so many problems in this wonderful country. Canada used to be one of the top countries for the quality of live and in the last pole that came out a few months ago we drop to the 10th position. Well lets be Canadian about it and say people suck it up
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