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Yes, as a matter of fact, I am saying that if Collette, OR MOST OTHER BIG BREEDERs do it, then yes, it is ok. However, this is not the reason I do it. The flipside of your $20,000 or nothing scenario is that do you honestly think that these big breeders would put there $20,000 snakes in harms way? The answer is no, regardless of what spin you put on it. Also, I'm absolutely POSITIVE that there experience and knowledge dwarfs yours, so your 'newbie' theory is moot. Also, if you have had any REAL experience with BP's, you would know that converting a BP from live to f/t is a three weeks process, you have MUCH to learn, OR you have been VERY LUCKY with your ball python experiences. I am very happy that you have found a method of feeding that works for you, but it's ignorant of you to think that you can change anyone's mind with your ignorant and malicious comments.
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