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I agree with you. But you could have been nicer about it. If I was a newbie and someone talked to me like that I would have honestly told you to f**k off and that I would just ask someone else. But I never feed live, and if you do feed live you should feed something considerbly smaller than what you would normally feed. I only fed live once, and that was a fuzzy mouse to an almost 2ft bp. I now feed both my bp's in their original enclosure, and they don't associate it with food. BUT they do associate the tongs with's not the shiniess (sp??) either. I dangle anything shiny and they do nothing, but once I walk over to their enclosure with the tongs they curl up and wait for their food....and they both "hunt", I just kind of drag the rodent across the floor and they move around, and hide and other snakey stalky little female will slither right past the food, only to turn around right when I go to take it out of the cage and snap at it......F/T and P/K is the SAFEST ways to feed it.....and why try natural? When you take them out of the wild, they are no longer in their "natural" habitat, they are no longer considered "wild" they are "Pets" (not pets as in the sence of a dog or cat)
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