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ok, now me on my soap box:

You could have gone about it a bit more diplomatically, however, I do agree with you 100%! Snakes are not always hunters, they are opportunistic eaters. They don't kill if they don't have to. I have 2.2 Royals myself and they all take f/t! There are certain tricks you can pull to get them to think the prey is live. My Savu python never took f/t until I got her. I still have to trick her but she eats. Pre-killed is NOT 100% safe for the animals either. There is still the possibility of parasites transferring from the rodent to the snake.... pass that one on.... Frozen thawed is THE safest method of feeding.

I, too, feed my snakes in their cages except for the 2 male bci, 2 male amazon tree boas (need to seperate for feeding when one is not breeding) and the Madagascan hognosed. Most snakes are on newspaper, the arboreals are on cypress and the Savu python is on cypress. Feeding in the cage does NOT condition the snake that when the door opens it is feeding time UNLESS you open the door only to feed!! There must be much handling time as well as cage maintainance. I can reach in and get the snakes by hand with no problem...

This is the reason I don't join boards like that. They are immature and seem listen to people in petstores *grumble growl mumble* As far as what gets written in the Ball Python Manual or whatever.... do they even realize how outdated that information is?

*stepping off the soapbox although I have a LOT more to say....*
Just keep walking and ignore the monkeys...

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