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argh this is BEEJAY not AARON

STupid auto login lol
(sorry aaron)


Originally posted by Aaron_S
Shane,I will have to actually swallow it next time. That is my second time at trying to eat one. The first time I bit down once and it came back out. This time I just couldn't swallow it. So BJ you best have that camera there that day.

Kate,I was going to do it for a WHOLE FIVE DOLLARS!

Yup,noone thinks of the girlfriend. Just the entertainment factor.
AARON, I'll see you on this Saturday at PCPC, and I fully expect you to eat a smorgasborg of insect larva....INCLUDING A TOMATO HORN WORM. And I expect you to swallow, not spit. For disappointed me.

Anybody who lives nearby may want to arrange to come cheer Aaron on! lol

You can bet I'll charge my camcorder....


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