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We started school Aug 7th....and have about 850 people in our HS...My freshman year was my favorite...I knew all the seniors...Hmm I spent most of my frehsman year stoned and drunk at the river LoL....
Well Im a senior at muh High School....Class of 04 Wo0t!!!!!!1 we have an A day and B Day set up with 4 rotating classes a day..mine is set up as :

1BEnglish 4(8:15-9:45)
2B Advanced US History(9:45-11:25)
45 minute lunch
3BEngineering Basics(12:30-
4BEngineering Baiscs 3:15)

1A Chemistry 2 (8:15-9:45)
2A Math for Tech 4 (9:45-11:25)
45 Minutes of Lunch
3A Engineering Basics (12:30-
4A Engineering Basics 3:15)
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