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Some people should find better excuse then the black out for the price of the fuel here around Montreal the fuel was 89.9 a liter for most of the week and we where not touch by the black out. Nobody should forget that a few years ago the government pass a law to protect the independent stations Ďcause the big companies where selling the fuel about the same price to us then the independents stations. Itís true that the price of a barrel of oil is on the rise but there is a limit. If there is nothing wrong with what the fuel industries are doing, why we donít pay the same price throughout the country and United States. In the U.S. a gallon of gas is about what, 1.25 a gallon here is more then 4$ for a gallon Also here in Quebec half the price of a liter of fuel is taxes. And an other problem is we. Do you see manifestation, boycotts or anything to see the prices drop, no we always talk about doing something but we never do? And donít think that by using less your car using less gasoline is going to drop the prices, Its in industry in a down fall soon or later we wont need them anymore and they know it so they are going to suck every penny they can out of our pockets.

Somebody talk about the truckers, well I work as a fleet manager for a trucking company, a couple of years ago we try and make a strike but our dear Quebec government pass a law that we could not do manifestations. They did the same thing with the nurses. That is the new thing here, raise you voice and we going to shout you up no matter what.
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