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Exclamation Rogers cable internet users! You MAY have a virus!

Matt K and I have been receiving virus emails from some one on the rogers network. The virus or worm spoofs email addresses (not hard to do) from the person's address book. The computer that is sending both Matt and I these infected emails is using the ip address and thus it's probably some one from sSnakeSs as Matt and I don't know anyone in common outside of sSnakeSs.

Now if you're on rogers you should check your ip address to see if you are infected. To do this in windows click on Start, then click on run, in the box that pops up type in "command" with out the quotes. You will see something like "C:\Windows" or the like. Here you want to type "ipconfig /all" and look for If that number is there you need to get your computer cleaned. If it's not there you probably aren't infected but it's still safe to check by going to and doing their free scan.

Actually everyone would benifit from going to that site and doing a scan, not just rogers users.
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