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[quote]They will not raise diesel fuel like they do Gas, because all the truckdrivers would pretty much strike and shut down the entire country. Gas companies won't mess with the truckers.[quote]

You got that right! When I drove long haul we used to joke that if we stayed home for 2 weeks because we were fed up with the price of fuel, and low wages, the country would grind to a halt, and there would be mayhem.

Can you imagine them being out of fuel at the pumps, and coffee, cigarrettes, beer, diapers milk and bread at the store? I know a few people who are out of sorts if they miss their morning coffee, and others who would die without their tobacco, not to mention the trouble being without diapers, milk and bread, not to mention meat and fruit and veggies.

Maybe it is not such a bad idea to deliberately go without these things from time to time so we appreciate them more. I used to spend 3 months in the mountains each summer, with no electricity, phone, TV, computer and only the company of a few saddle horses. I ate what we packed in, and hunted or fished for extras. Funny how the phone was downright aggravating upon my return to civilization!

We have become a society of convenience and is really apparent when we have visitors to our small town Saskatchewan where there is no 24 hour convenience store, no late-night pizza delivery, stores close Sundays. Lifestyle chages are in order when city people move out here, but it is reversed when the kids from here move to the city, they think its great

The price of fuel is still rediculous, since most of it is refined in Alberta and shipped to the states, and sold for cheaper across the border.

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