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Suuply and demand is right... they reduce the supply when the demand is the same so that the prices can jack up (we can thank our "friends" at OPEC for that... maybe Georgie boy dropped bombs on the wrong countries eh?)

In many cases a car IS a necessity... I work about 30km west of Ottawa... there is no bus service and carpooling is not an option either. I have no problems with the government capping or regulating the prices on necessities (you didnt like paying a fortune for Hydro did you?) And if you read the stickers... the majority of the price of gas is DIRECTLY affected by the government because its tax.

I always find it humourous (a joke that is losing its appeal) that suddenly every gas station in the city jumps their prices to the exact same amount but there is no price fixing according to the government. Isnt it also hilarious that the gas always seems to jack in price right before a long weekend?

Within the city your ideas are great, but the unfortunate part is that you forget about rural areas (which make up about half of Canada's population) Also, Ottawa's bus service leaves a lot to be desired... OC transpo (our bus service) is affectionately known as No-see transpo.

The only action plan I ever saw that makes any sense to me is the one where they say to boycott one specific company (Ie. Esso , Petro Can or Shell) When one company is starving they drop the prices therefore forcing the others to do the same... basic economics there.

As for regulating the prices on herps... maybe they should LOL some people seem to think they are selling gold instead of reptiles!
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