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Demand went up after the black out
You really don't believe that do you? Thought you were smarter than that!!!

Not sure if our neighbors to the north Get Labor Day, But we do here and it is considered the last trip of the summer for pretty much everyone. It is a huge travel day and the gas companies know it. The gas companies greed will ruin the rest of the vacation markets economy. Will people stop going on vacations? Hell No!!! So the gas company will always win!

Course you could do what I do. I bought a diesel car. While gas prices here are up to $2.00 a gallon ( I know thats cheap to you guys) But diesel stays at $1.50 a Gallon. They will not raise diesel fuel like they do Gas, because all the truckdrivers would pretty much strike and shut down the entire country. Gas companies won't mess with the truckers. So I reap the bennefits of diesel. Plus I get 50 MPG, so my money goes a very long way.

You watch after labor day the gas prices will all of a sudden start tricling down to normal again.
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