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It's called supply and demand. Demand went up after the black out so they're charging what the market will bear. Don't like the price? Use an alternative such as biking, walking, car pooling, bus (I happen to know Ottawa has an excelent bus system) or buy an electric car. If the government had stepped in and said what you could charge for your herps when you were in business what do you think your reaction would have been? My guess is that you would have been up in arms. It would also be like the government saying your job should only be worth $10/hour and the employer shouldn't have to pay you a dime extra. As much as I hate the price of gas and feel like I am getting raped at the pump, no one is forcing me to drive, and could be taking an alternate method to get around. Lets hear it for less government interferance in our lives (and that's what same sex marriage and legalizing pot is, the government interfering less in our private lives).

Cars are NOT a nessessity, I got along fine with out owning one for 24 years and know many people that get along with out one currently.

Want to show your displeasure with the pumps? don't buy anything from gas stations where you don't like the prices. No chocolate bars, no magazines, drinks and definetly NO GASOLINE!

I remember a few years back, people were trying to band together to not buy gas on a certain day. Their results were in effectual. You know why? because everyone bought gas the day before or the day after. The gas companies weren't affected by a single day. If you want to make something like that work, then don't use your car for a whole week. I don't mean buy gas the week before and stock pile it for the week when you aren't buying gas, I mean don't use your car which will mean you won't need the gas. If everyone did this think of the effect on the oil companies. They would notice a whole week where people used alternative transportation and didn't need to buy gas.
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