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A different fear factor post...

Ok so we are all sick of FF exploiting and harming animals we love but writing letters to the network and the show arent working... why not try looking at this from a business approach instead?

The way to stop a show is not to attack the show... the more you do that the more hype the show gets and the higher the ratings will go (would Marilyn Manson have ever gotten as big as he did without the Church making such a stink over him?)

The key is to hit them in the wallet... I notice that Pepsi had the majority of the commercials during FF last night so if you want to write to someone and complain do it to Pepsi and any other company that is advertising with Fear factor... a company surely wont sponsor a show that is making people mad right? (Pepsi wont even say the word God on their cans anymore over a mouthy minority so who knows what the herpers could accomplish?)
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