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High school is awful. Its nothing but social clics, and no one takes their education seriously because no one really wants to be there. So all everyone does is find someone lower on the social ladder than themselves, just so they could pick on that person, and feel better about themself. The only class I had in highschool that I enjoyed, and walked away from with some knowledge was woodshop, and now that has been cancelled in most schools, along with most other arts programs.

College on the other hand, that was the best 4.5 years of my life. I wish I could go back. Everyone is there because they want to be. There are no gangs in college, no one picking on each other, everyone just hangs out with the people they are friendly with, and leaves everyone else alone. (except for the immature freshmen) If you get a chance to go away to college, do it, its one of the best experiences ever.

Man I feel so old. I think im 23,......I gotta stop losing track of when my birthdays are
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