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Unhappy Sorry to repeat myself but HELP! :(

Whats wrong with the eye of my snake?!?! He did a perfect shed last time and he isn't ready to shed soon (not before 4 weeks ;p). Since I dont have a cam, I took a bp pic from another site and I modified it with paintbrush so you can see what im talking about. Its a "blue ring" on one side of his eye. I just noticed its covering 1/5 of his eye (its getting worse or what). It look like skin or I dont know??). I can see the eye moving normally so it seems to be something else? Here is the pic. Remember, it is not MY snake. Its a modified pic so you can see what im talking about. Please HELP ME :P.

Ps: No "go to the vet" (there is nobody qualified in my area)

my modified pic (look at the blue thing on the eye) ;p
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