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I was contemplating investing in a digital scale for my snakes, but realized it was way too much of an investment for its purpose....

So at the hardware store one day, i was checking on some digital thermometers and beside them i saw some fish weighing scales....

Basically, they're hand held, with a hook at the end.
U put ur snake in a pillowcase or something, hook it to the hook, and hold it in the air...and record the weight.

Now u say, how accurate is it? Well, very....except it records by lbs and kg's....which is perfect for my bloods, but may not suit ball pythons or smaller species of snakes...
I've tested it with food products of which i know the weight, and it read exactly the same.
I've also treated snakes with medicine and have had no problems(although i always minus 1/2 pound to be on the safe side...)

I'd keep the digi for the smaller ones and just use the fish scale for larger boids....its about 12 bucks in home hardware...

My model is South Bend fish weighing Scale and Measure...model #990205.

There are a fex on the market and its worthwhile buying the pricier one....

Goodluck and Geeze is he ever getting big!
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