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Talking First Day of High School!!!! was my first day of high school!!!! It was neat...but our school is really messed up...everyone in the entire school gets out at the SAME TIME for classes except for lunch...and even tho our school is huge (yea a huge waste of money**its new**) you cant fricken breathe!! You hafta be squished with like people you dont even know and ur like all over every1 but you cant help it because the person behind you is shoving you into the person...OMGosh its INSANE! I cant even breathe in the hallway when its like that! Oh and at lunch the time you get ur lunch n find a place to sit...its time to go to ur next class...which is my last class of the day because i have lunch at ONE O'CLOCK!!!!!! so i eat lunch have one class then go home!!! its crazy!!! But enough...I could go on forever...kinda like i just But..were/are any of ur high schools like this????!!!?!?! Just thought I would share this....uuuhhh...wonderful experience with you!!! I see yal l8r! Thanx n ....
(*can i say god bless?? just wondering*)
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