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a little while ago I got a custom wooden cage, a 50 gallon. a 30 gallon a neodesha, and a 30 gallon hectigon tank for $30 he was going to throw in some mice breeder tanks too but I forgot them. lol. I got a 1.3 leo, proven breeders, with a 30 gallon tank fully decorated for $150 over a year ago, and I also got a couple free leos and free repcal calcium powder and vitamin powder. I get fecals done for $5.00.I got a great gram scale from Teresa a while back for $50.00, best 50 I ever spent imo! lol.
I got 2 free 10 gallons, 2 free 5 gallons and a 10 gal. lid free.
Also, a free spanish ribbed newt.
Oh and I got some hypo tang leos for 75, and a super hypo pastel from Teresa at the last show that I found well worth the price.
guess that is all I can think of right now.
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