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Whoohooo!! I'm FINALLY back on-line!!!!

HELLOOOO everyone!!!!!!!!I am SO GLAD to be back...Life without internet or e-mail REALLY SUCKED!!! LOL One doesnt realize how addicted to the net we are untill it is gone! lol :P
Things have been busy around here so I was able to keep myself busy though. We have now been living in our new dream house/ranch for a month!...It is SO beautiful here and we are so happy. It is nice to be able to out to the barn in the morning to collect eggs, say good morning to the horses and look around at your own land. I also just bought a black and white, blue eyed Paint colt...I am in love with him! His name is Blue Eyed Beau. Ahhh life is grand I will post pictures very soon. Anyways....Since I have been off line, my For Sale list has grown! I will be putting up a large add tomorow. For anyone that talked to me about certin geckos before I went off line you can e-mail or call me. Our new e-mail address is and our number is (705)488-3000.

Teresa Wittig
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