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mmm Beaver

Easy Beaver Fillets with Artichoke Salsa
(Serves 10 to 30 hungry hunters)

"The perfect fall party pleaser"

Preparation must begin about one week before party by setting a beaver trap in a culvert or nearby swamp.


1 large beaver
1/2 busshel potatoes
2 gal milk
1 doz. eggs
1 jar Coyote Cocina Fire Roasted Salsa, (16 oz.)
2 gallons Chardonnay wine
12 nice and tender artichokes
8 oz. olive oil
1 box wild rice

Skin Beaver and cut into serving size pieces, put the potatoes and the artichokes into a good gunny sack and place under the front wheel of your 4x4 and run them over until both ingredients are mushed together.
Sample the wine to be sure it is of good quality.
Pour 3 cups of wine and 1 gal. milk and the potatoe/artichoke blend into a milk can or similar container and cover. Place milk can over fire and heat until the cover blows off. There should nice flakes of potatoe/articoke remaining inside can, otherwise scrape as much as you can off the nearby trees.
Take another sample of wine to be certain it hasn't gone bad.
Place wild rice into large cooker with water and salt, and heat until tender. Better check the wine again it may have become too warm. Throw eggs into pot and stir in the olive oil until mixed together.
Take a sip or two of the wine just in case..? Dip the pieces of beaver into milk and roll in the potatoe/artichoke flakes, then place in large pan containing the olive oil and eggs, heat on low for a while, the beaver meat will become tender sometime soon, stick it with a fork to test.
Place cooked tender beaver on top of wild rice on nice serving dishes, Then pour the Coyote cocina fire roasted salsa over the beaver. (heat the salsa in microwave first). Dump some potatoe/artichoke on plate and serve with glass of Chardonnay wine. (If there's no wine left, serve the beer you've been hiding from your wife), Now get ready for rave reviews!
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