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Originally posted by daver676
Ok, a few questions here,

What are you doing with a tomato horn worm at all?

Are they some type of feeder insect for reptiles?

Do people keep them as pets?

How much did it cost?

When is the next show? LOL

Maybe try it with some sweet 'n sour sauce next time!

I'll try to answer these to the best of my knowledge.. (i haven't consulted aaron or anyone else).
Looks like he was eating the worm... maybe he thought it was from tequila?

I'm sure reptiles, birds and probably some mammals eat them.

People keep mice, milipedes, catapillars, and other bugs for pets, i'm sure there's some one that keeps those for pets.

I don't know, but he got paid 5 whole dollars to put it in his mouth... I don't think you could pay me enough to put any sort of worm in my mouth.

Next show is sept 7th WEEEEE

Maybe chocolate sauce (ala chocolate covered ants) will be tastier.... Ummm YUCK!
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