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more pup formula I like this one a little better

The orphan formula I always used sure helped when I had a problem....

1 8oz plain yogurt (with live cultures)
1 jar strained baby beef (not junior)
2 egg yolks
2 cans evaporated milk
12 oz sterile water

Blend with blender then wait for bubbles to settle and stir. Use premie nipples. I found that it all wouldn't fit in the blender at the same time so I would blend all the ingredience except one can of milk and the water then I would add them in a clean container that I would put in the refrig. Warm enough for each feeding.

I also used this for weaning pups by adding regular adult kibble in the blender. I have told a lot of breeders about this formula over the years and all have had great success with it. It firms the stool and if the pups should get too firm, just increase the water in the formula.
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