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Please pick up some puppy formula, but until you can, condensed milk, water and egg yolks mixed and warmed will suffice. To stimulate them to use the bathroom, we warmed baby wipes and wiped their little rear-ends until they went. You will need to get supplements for the pups to replace what they will lose by not having the mother's milk. The formula and supplements can usually be purchased at food mills and pet stores, the pet stores are rather expensive usually however.

There are many online resources and I had one bookmarked prior to our crash that told how to make formula exactly for pups, I remember that you had to keep the water content up (I believe it was 2 to 1) and it was several egg yolks (4 to a can I think) to one can of formula mixed with water and if I recall correctly, you added yogurt at 2 teaspoonsful to each batch for the yeast because pups need it.

I hope that helps somewhat, at least it could possibly get you through until you can find formula suitable for pups. We used regular baby bottles for feeding with smaller nipples and opened a little larger hole in the nipples, we prewarmed them in hot water, however you can use a dropper until you can get some bottles.

I am so sorry to hear about your dog, we love pugs, they hold a very special place in the heart of their owners.

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