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I was about 13, and i was doing backflips into a pool, when I miscalculated and cracked my head against the edge of the pool and fell into the water. The impact knocked my retainer out of my mouth. I swam out and sat on a chair to catch my breath, but my head was throbbing something terrible. So I put my hand to my head to hold it, and when I looked at my hand it was completely covered in blood. I ran for my mom, who freaked out, and we went to the hospital. I remember sobbing when she said that they'd have to shave my head. (they didn't)

I didn't need an x-ray, because the gash was so deep the doctors could see my skull, and could tell it wasn't fractured. They stitched it up from the inside with biodegradable thread, and then stapled up the top. I still have a white scar on my scalp where they stapled.

The weirdest thing was that the next year, during eighth grade algebra, any time that I thought too hard about a problem, my scar would vibrate really fast back and forth on my head...
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