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Biggest scare hmmmm....

That would be when i was 9 i was riding a friends bike and he thought it would be funny not to tell me that the wheel was loose. (what an A$$clown he was) well i was going up a huge hill and the front wheel started shaking like mad next thing i remember was having a crowd of people standing around me crying and blood all over the place. My sister came down to get me to take me to the hospital. She was completly flipping out. I ended up with 9 stiches in my head, a broken nose, and looked like i tried to commit suiced cause i had huge looked like rug burns on my wrist. I had the worst headache for days. To this day if i get hit in the slightest in the nose it will start to bleed. You flick my nose and it will bleed. I sneeze to hard it will bleed. Oh well beats having surgery on it. My nickname for the longest time was lightning bolt.

People say my scar looks like harry potters. I tell them all the time i had mine first so harry potters copied off of me.

The funny thing is my nephew has the exact same scar in the exact same place cause his little brother hit him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat.
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