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Scare of a lifetime...

What has been your biggest scare so far in your life?

Mine was about 6 years ago when I was still playing comptetitive hockey... I was checked from behind into the boards. I blacked out and when I came around again about 3 minutes later I could not move my legs.

The next 10 minutes felt like hours to me... this was the first time in my life that I really knew what it felt like to be afraid (I have no phobias and don't scare easily) Luckily I regained full mobility after about 15 minutes and then I (the dummy) went out to play the 3rd period in agony LOL.

In the end it turns out that I had a nasty concussion and had broken my ribs at the back and pushed a vertebrae and apparently twisted and pinched a nerve which caused the temporary paralysis. I dodged a big bullet that time!! Still hurts like hell when I sneeze though LOL
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