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Glad u like em. Here are some more pics I thought you guys might like....

This is of a mugger I took at night. The motiona nd the flash made him look like a dragon with flames coming out of his mouth. Really crazy looking this one!

More eyeshine

Baby Gharial

Wicked action shot of Jen from jungle Cat World catching a mugger croc

Spectacled Cobra known as "Nala Pamb" (Good snake) in the local Tamil language

Young King Cobra

Irula venom extraction centre. Note the spectacled cobra dn the russels viper

Wildlife show I did for the Madras Crocodile Bank at their "NatureQuest Centre" in Chennai city. Holding a young mugger croc here.

Nesting Saltie

Slender Snouted Croc

Travancore Tortoise

A spider in Singapore

Spiders in India

Night shot of a striped hyena at Singapore Zoo. Kinda freaky looking.

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