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The population triples! (pics)

Well yesterday I went to the Reptile Expo in Syracuse, NY. I've always wanted a little Hogg so I decided to get one. I paid $130 US dollars tax included. Is this decent? I only saw one breeder that had them. Also picked up a nice vision cage for my Columbian! I had lots of fun seeing the selection this year since I've learned so much since last years show.

I also got a Ball Python from a friend of mine that was one time sort of a rescue. (the prior owner left a mouse in the cave and it chewed the BP up ). He only took the BP so he could get it on the road to recovery and then find it a new home basically. He had his breeding pair and considered him extra so I got him for free. He's healed up nicely and he's a sweetheart.

Thanks for lookin


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