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Talking reptile expo in Holland

My mom woke me up this mornin and told me there was an reptile expo today. I was in a village called De Goorn, only 6 km from me. So i jumped out of bed, almost broke my neck in the proces and got dressed. Called my bro and picked him up.
It was a pretty big expo. They had 1350 square meters of floor space and 210 meters of tables. There were alot of different animals there: snakes, lizards, invertabrets, amphibians, feeders and some of the fluffy stuff. There were terrariums and all of the stuff you need for those.
We walked around and looked at all the animals. It was great. Then we went home again and had something to drink. My bro's girlfriend was at home too, so i talked her into coming along to (so i could go again). She said: OK. Well then i called my mom too, cause she is getting this herp stuff now too . So we went back again and walked aroung for some more. But a good thing is, that my mom doesnt mind if i buy a snake now WOOOHOOOOO. But first im gonna get some bearded dragons.
Im just gonna end this now, but it was a great sunday and i will definetly be there again next year. It was awesome
Greetz Daan
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