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I have:
1 lab X whippet dog (jasmine)
2 cats (patches and mercedes)
3 hamsters (cinnamon, sammy and toby)
3 rats (C.J., Ratatta, and Ben)
1 Gerbil (jack) (lives at my friends house for breeding)
1 Bunny (Diamond)
1 occelated skink (Sammy)
1 leopard gecko (Lana)
4 iguanas (Marigold, Iggar, Drakie and Mugs)
2 Bearded dragons (Seth and Freddie)
1 Kenyan Sand boa (kenya)
2 Ball pythons (Cuddles and Striker)
1 Columbian Red Tail (Big Red)
1 snow corn (Casper)
2 Red albino corns (Jam and Java)
1 Ghost Corn (Chesney)
1 Garter snake (Garter)
1 Black African Millipede
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