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The good ppl of Turtle Haven and Rescue are a non for profit organization that is 100% for the rescue of all turtles. Recently they are trying to gain help from the local munincipality of Kitchener/waterloo to raise signs for turtle crossings. Its an upward battle but they are doing their best. As the region is filled with lots of swamps, marshes and bodies of water in general, combined with a strong population and several roads, the end result is often disasterous for turtles crossing the roads. The goal is in raising the signs it will make motorists more aware of the potential dangers of crossing over bodies of water...and to be mindfull of the critters that may be on the road. I would encourage anyone who can to help them out. They are extremely close to their goals and with our help they can make it there.
Here is some pics of the display, the area they are trying to protect etc.

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