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The crowd outside the show was always filled with fellow members shooting the breeze and enjoying the warm weather

Ummmm ahhhh, i thought it would be nice to get a pic of the neighbourhood around the show ( cant read the next part ( Guy only!!!! You should have seen this chick from the front!!!! If i wasnt in such terrible shape i would have chased her....ah well...thank god for zoom!!! )

Every show members always want me to take pics of their idea why...anyways, here is Brian again with his awesome..and very rare Buick Reatta.

Ah, my favorite hectic frenchman...fellow mod Dom trying to pic up the ladies looking cool in his Jeep.....sorry to note...After telling me how much it picks up women...Dom and his Jeep arrived and left alone LMAO!!!

A quick pic of one of the snakes that was for sale at the show

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