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Finally!!! July 6th Toronto Expo Show....WARNING over 170 Pics!!!


Okay. So what can i say, im late with the pics this time.....okay im very very very late with them. Ive had a busy summer with having taken on a new job etc and have had zero time for anything in my personal life let alone the show pics. I had been picking away at them for almost two months now and they are finally here . Total show count was 476 pictures taken. Of the 476, 172 were picked and edited by myself as show worthy. This is by far the largest pic thread i have yet done on a show. As we grow in members the shows grow. With that, it creates a very busy day for me trying to capture the essence of what the Toronto show is like to attend. I try to capture the fun moments, the animals, and a general look at who attends and the friendly atmosphere that exhists there.

This show was again a huge success. It was a particularily special show as i finally was able to meet two members that i have been friends with for over a year now. Daan (aka Doenoe) Made the long trek all the way from Holland to attend!!! While Rachel S also made a long voyage travelling all the way from Texus to attend.
The weather was bright and sunny and there was a buzz about this show that just put everyone in a party mood. I got to the show at 7 am and didnt get home till 3 am the next day....more on that with the bar shots near the end of this thread

I have chosen to put a little less comments between the photos as i have a feeling that this thread will be dangerously big. I have also decided to do it as several replies so that dial up members will not have such a hard time viewing it. All in all most of the pics actually didnt turn out. It was my first time using and shooting with the new Canon G3 camera i purchased and i wasnt used to using it. I should have praticed first, but luckily there was some good ones still. Turns out that i was shooting in the wrong modes for almost most of the show. Infact if it wasnt for Jeff noticing i would have probably finished off the whole show shooting that way. So some of the pics are a bit blurry, but i have mastered the camera now and the next show i promise even better ones. Here we go, lets get started

This next photo is members Nuno and Chris working the Port Credit pets booth along with Grant ( Please Note the Link To Chris' band is wrong....there is the proper link )

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