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I am totally into going to concerts and going to small venues like the Engine room in houston and getting into moshpits and just busting lose and swinging your fists everywhere and pushing people around. I make it a rule not listen to bands that are on MTV b/c in my opinion if your on MTV your selling your music out and and your not in it for the music anymore. a perfect example is Limp bizkit once the biggest things in rock and look at them now after their music being all over the radio and T.V. commercials, their music changed and people lost respect for them. I have to admit I like TOOL though b/c their music is weird and heavy at the same time. i absolutely hate rap b/c anyone can to talk while someone is banging on a desk or table how hard is it make weird noises using computers. Seriously how tallented do you have to be turn old records. it just pisses me off that they get popular and have so much money being talentless losers who can't talk about anything other than the size of the rims on their cars or beating their wives. Do they know any other words besides profanity. Anyway i like this subject and am very opinionated on it!
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