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I wish I could help! Please let me know what ends up happening to them...

The rubbermaid bin is a great idea, and they will stay small enough for a sweater box for about six months. If you can't afford the heat lamp I found a clamp lamp from a hardware store with a 50 watt flood light bulb init works great... set up a simple filter for now, one of those corner filters that only need filter floss and charcol?
The turtle pellets can be broken to be small enough and you cna get a normal flouresent light fixture and take use the proper bulb in it.

This should cut your costs to;

Rubbermaid or storage box- 7$
heat lamp- 7 calmp lamp, 1-2$ bulb
flrst fixture- 7$
Bulb - 20-30$
Filter- 10$ ( usually comes with the first instalment of filter media)
rocks- (to build up a basking area) free

Brings the total to about 52$ (CANADIAN) for a temperary set-up

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