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Great pics, finally we get to see the crew As for posting multiple pics in a post, you have automatically been given a photo hosting account with when the program was introduced. All you need to do is upload your pics to your account to get them online, then for each pic you wish to post, right click on the pic to bring up the properties box and copy the URL, then in your post type < ima src="URLofyourpic" > (minus the space after the < and beofre the > )and repeat until you ahve all your pcis posted (helps to have 2 windows open when your doing this). It's best to do it this way for multiple pics as it uses up alot less bandwith on the site, and makes for a neater post Hope this helped

Big Scott,
All Hog Isle boas are naturally hypomelanistic (reduction of black pigment) hence they are very light coloured. Some have more dark flecking than others, and they tend to change shades frequently. Hope this helped
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