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Holy cow ladyhawke! Does someone pay you to take care of them!!! If I had the finances, I would like to have an array of pets as well.

<u>Bubbles</u> - dog: I technically have my mom's dog. She is very small and old. She is a "muppet dog". Hanging in there though!

<u>Tochtli/Rita - dog</u>: My dog who lives with my bf. There are pictures of her in my gallery if you want to see. She is a chihuahua-hound miracle mix.

<u>Dozer - rosy boa</u>: My 1st snake. He's so sweet and gorgeous!

<u>Anoushka - BP</u>: My 2nd snake. I got from a kid who did not want her anymore.

<u>Lizard</u>: I think I'm going to name him Hermes. I just got him last month.

OOH, and I really want a crow. But that's just too much for me right now, plus I don't know if you can domesticate those kindly.


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