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Baby Turtles in Need!

Hello Everyone,

This story starts out with me walking to my car at about 7 am two days ago and I notice a small tank besides our dumpster. Inside the tank were two very small what I believe to be red slider turtles. I brought them into the house and at lunch took them into the pet store to see if anyone can help these poor little guys. The Lady at the counter who I see on a regular basis goes on to tell me that these turtles are illegal because of there size and that they cannot take them in. I went on to ask what a basic set up for these guys would be. She told me that it would be over a hundred bucks. I know nothing about turtles so this is the only thing that I could think of doing. She informed me that the turtles look very very young and that without a heater and flor. light she was suprised that they have made it this long. Some guys that have been living in my apartment complex moved out this week so I think the bastards just left them to die by the dumpster. I really want to help the little guys out but I cannot afford a set up for them and I dont know what else to do.

So here's the offer, is there anyone in the southern California area that would like two REALLY cute baby turtles let me know!

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