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Lets see, the computer radio is usually on an Australian Indigeneous (Aboriginal) Station, the MP3 player has Native American and Pagan groups that few would recognize, 3 Doors Down, Bush, Pink, Cher, Flogging Molly, Garbage, Blink 182, Joan Baez, Paula Cole, Alanis and Merchant, the CD player has Eminem, No Doubt, Dead Can Dance, Bob Marley, Rob Zombie, Indigo Girls, Sublime, Danzig, Frank Zappa, Jonny Winter, and some euro stuff like Kieloor Entartet,Blue Dog, Perfect Trouble,Gret, sO NicHT and a little more, when I go out to bars to hear jams I usually try to find a Ska band, I can Waltz, Two Step, and Cotton Eye Joe, and will spend hours dancing at drum circles. I hope it never ends lol.