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Country: Bryce said. Once a species is hybridized the gene pool will be forever contaminated (unless these hybrids are infertile, or never bred, but if you sell them its out of your hands and someone will most likely try to breed one). Take burmese pythons and Indian pythons... you will not find a single 100% pure bloodline becasue those two subspecies have been hybridized to death. Look at the red wolf as well......its completely extinct in its pure form due to hybridization with coyotes. Natural hybrids are fine, if it occurs in nature then its almost arrogant to say it shouldn't be done in captivity. We aren't better than a billion years of evolution, nature knows how it works, so we should learn from it. Manmade creations are no good... if you were a purist and were sold a hybridized specimen labelled as "pure" and put it in to your projects... how awful would that be? You would be producing so-called purebreds that are really hybrids. No good.
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