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Mine came to be about 4 years ago when I first developed a passion for saltwater aquariums... Clownfish are my favourite marine fish, so when it came time to come up with a nick for the saltwater forum... Clownfishie it was It's stuck around, even though I do pretty much all of my posting on reptile sites now
Previously, I've been Ryjala (still use that one sometimes), which came from a fantasty novel... that one came about when I was really into online gaming (spent amazing amounts of time online playing Quake2 )...
And my original nickname was Wizzago, which was the name of "my" baby horse at the stable I used to ride at
Oh, and then there was Ceridwen That one was around for a little while... switched to that one from Wizzago after nobody on the chats seemed to be able to figure out that I was a girl, not a boy... lol.

Great thread btw! Very interesting to see where everyone got their names from...
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