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I HATE this show! My Bf tends to love it, (chics swimming around in bikinis), but the way animals are portrayed and treated is just wrong. The last episode I saw, a person was placed into a tank with three sections. One was filled with worms, the other snakes and the last one hissing cockroaches. I'm not an insect fan, but the way ALL of these creatures were treated disgusted me. The person in the tank had to separate out 'white' snakes from all the other colors. Since this event is timed, many animals were thrown, dropped, mishandled, etc. You could actually see one poor snake hit his face on the side of the rubbermaid container as the contestant threw him in without regard. If the croc thing is true I hope the gators aren't taped and the contestants.... well they get what's coming to them for supporting such a blatant excuse for animal cruelty and neglect. They want people to fear and hate these animals anyways... little more have concern for their well-being. Well, that's my little rant... as you can tell this is VERY upseting to me. =(
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