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I went down, down, down in a burnin' ring of fire and it burned burned burned, and the flames went higher

(EG) obscure? Nah, only if you were in a hole in the 70's right Jenn(G) Misfits! COOLNESS.

Dave *BEG* We have got to get our peoples together fella! There aren't many of us out there ya know!

People should be thankful of that last commentary - of course I'm speaking of myself here! Many more of me and there would be 'no' others!!! Anyone feelin' postal?

okay, back to my happy place to brood for a while. Perhaps I'll play a little darkness on the piano for awhile , anyone up for some Sergi Rachmaninoff of some Saint-Saens?

But before I go, let me expand the thread... my two favorite movies

Apocalypse Now
Natural Born Killers

Least favorite movie

What do you all like to watch?

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