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How do you bait boas?

I got word tonight that a next door neighbor (actually about two doors down), released his boas into the yard yesterday and fled, he's obviously in some trouble with the law. My understanding is that he likely had to release them, or the step-mother was going to starve the snakes to death or kill them, and he had to do it in a hurry. Now here's the clincher, right by our house is a prime hunting area for the snakes complete with lots of downed trees and a pond and I figure they are going to come this way because of the water since we've had a drought this summer.

Today we threw out mouse bedding and I'm wondering if that might help me to attract those babies here and wanted to know if any of you have any ideas about attracting them to the house?

I can't go trapsing through the neighborhood yards because I don't get along with some of the neighbors and they are extremely fearful of snakes of any kind, so I can't tell them to alert me when and if they see any 'large' constrictors' roaming the property, they're fundies and rednecks and they'd just get their guns and start shooting everything that moves! So if you have any tips for me, I'd love to catch these guys. I know the fella that owned them and it was always a point of pride with him to keep his animals happy and healthy, I feel like this was an act of desperation, but we could be looking at rescuing some very nice boids here.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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