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As the mighty Blades of old, your Dragon color is...

Your Inner Dragon is the mighty warrior of dragon-kind. It's just that simple. Coppers show up when someone's about to die. Usually they just go ahead and take out his best friends too, just so he won't be lonely in the afterlife. Coppers don't mess around, and they don't play evil games like Red Dragons. They don't bother with magic, like Gold Dragons. They don't run and hide like White Dragons. They're there to do a job, and they do it well. (Think Special Forces...)

But what sort of a dragon would you be if that really was the whole story? You also like to stomp your enemies, incite human rebellions, start the occasional war, and spend lazy hours preening your battle aura. Your favorable attributes are strength, physical abilities, thriftiness, warmth, and longevity in battle. Just in case some puny human (or conniving Red Dragon) thinks they can get the drop on you, you've got a concealed breath weapon - gigantic masses of Fire. Hey, it's the tried and true way to cook a cow in 0.75 seconds. Use it well, my friend.
The Village just called, they are missing their idiot

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